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USMP Solution


Do you still use online search engines, make phone calls, and pay door to door visits to obtain information and select your best suited Sports Venues. Or are you struggling to find the right fit playpals nearby to exercise your favorite sports?

uDare is an online Ubiquitous-Sports-Matching-Platform (USMP) solution provider for iOS & Android mobile devices that adds value to your daily-life by helping to find, book, and exercise your sports whenever, wherever, and with whomever you choose to.



We connect Users-to-Users for you to find right fit playpals with common sports interests. There is nothing more exciting than meeting new friends to exercise your sports to become healthy and fit together.



We connect Users-to-Venues for you to exercise in best suited venues. Everyone has their own standards, and there are venues out there that meets your needs at its best. You can simply explore and discover them through our features.



We connect Venues-to-Communities for you to be engaged in your communities with sports. Your every drop of sweat counts to help in bringing healthy foundation and sustainable eco-system in your communities.


uMatch : We Match. You Play.

Willing to quickly book and join your favorite sports match or session? We got you. Our state-of-the-art sports matching technology will introduce you to loads of them through our uMatch feature, and all you need is a simple swipe to explore!

Discover Venues in Trending Sports

Still struggling to find your best suited Sports Venues?
Explore and find the nearby ones that suits your needs and make sure to follow their profile for feeds, updates, and promotions.

Invite Friends & Playpals

Whether or not you need one or multiple playpals, you’re new to the neighborhood, or you simply do not have friends with common sports interest, our feature to invite friends and playpals nearby will allow you to get the game going!

Skill Levels & Attendance - Checked

Worried about competing in your skill level and no-shows?
Our feature to rate playpal’s skill levels and tick attendance upon completion of every activity will push everyone little more to be engaged with sportsmanship.

We all enjoy a friendly competition!

All-In-One My Schedule

Too busy for manually scheduling your activities and following-up with pending ones? Been there, done that. Easily track and manage all your bookings and schedule in the user-friendly My Schedule feature.

Stay Tuned-In via Sports Feed

Get connected and stay updated by becoming friends with other Users and following Sports Venues through Sports Feed feature. Post and share photos of your great memories to make your life evolve around sports!


At uDare, a company established in South Korea by 2 sports enthusiasts, we believe in boosting sports and fitness user experience through our digital technology. We offer our products and services not only to increase profit and reduce cost for Sports Venues, but strive to elevate the sports and fitness experience of our Users by completely transforming the conventional ways of doing things.

Our website is owned and managed by uDare Co., Ltd.

Our Just Cause

We aim to create healthy and sound values, both in mental and physical aspects of everyone’s daily-life, and finally bring collective well-being culture globally through our digital technology in sports industry.


We provide Offline-To-Online (O2O) Platform for Sports Venues and Users to connect, socialize, and exercise together through our user-friendly and game-changing features. We not only seek to connect our Users with sports in every context but work closely with our Sports Venues to empower a sustainable eco-system, and maximize Return on Investment (ROI) in terms of marketing spend channel.

Our True Values



We consider ourselves as a Team Captain. We listen to every feedback, take every problem as our own, standup to challenges, and take accountability to drive positive change.



We take equality seriously, whether it is racial, gender, or social status. We pursue progress toward ideal world of everyone being truly equal.



We believe in respect in-and-out of the pitch, and we treat all of our Team Members and External Stakeholders with respect as a part of the family.


Fair Play

We promote our business with fair play, seeking to accomplish transparency and win with honesty and integrity.

Founded By

Fateh Abu Hijleh

Tamer Abu Hijleh


With the vision of uniting people together through sports and well-being culture, Tamer considers healthy financials as a solid foundation to scale the business into a sustainable one.

Fateh Abu Hijleh

Alaauddin S. Al Qadi


A businessman that is highly interested in tech solutions across multiple sectors. He enjoys challenges and often invests in businesses that he believes have potential to prosper and streamline people’s lives.


You dare because we care.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience should you require any assistance or desire to improve our service.



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Middle East

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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